Runwell specializes in testing of temporary pipe work equipment. This by performing a variety of specific tests in a certified testing environment. With the testing of your equipment, Runwell helps to ensure that the used equipment meets the functional requirements as stated in the API6A international standard and also meets the product standards set by the manufacturer.

Test engineers

The test engineers are all qualified and competent to execute the high pressure testing activities. All engineers are in possession of BOSI, Nogepa, HUET and VCA certificates to operate safely on your production location.

Mobile testing 

In addition to our well utilized and certified test environment on the Runwell yard in Schoonebeek, Runwell offers the ability to test your Oilfield equipment at customer production sites. Runwell is in possession of mobile test units that can be used flexibly at customer location. The mobile units have been tested and calibrated and are operated by experienced test engineers. 

The advantages 

It will be clear that the flexible deployment of our mobile testing facilities has lots of advantages for your company: 

  • In the case of large amounts of equipment mobile testing will result in substantial savings on transport costs
  • The period of not usable equipment is considerably shorter 
  • The equipment will be available on site for possible unplanned deployment


After order intake, the mobile test units can be deployed on short term and throughout Europe. 

Test method 

The test method is defined in the test protocol RS01 and includes, among the following activities: 

  • Visual inspection of general condition
  • Inspection and verification of dimensions 
  • High pressure body and function test 
  • Refurbishment: disassembly, deburring, degreasing and cleaning, part replacement, painting, assembling, preserving

The RS01 test method is based on the international test standard API6a and international recognized by Bureau Veritas. 

Temporary pipework of oil & gas equipment on location

The mobile test units can be deployed for the testing of: 

  • Temporary pipework
  • Piping
  • Valves
  • High pressure hoses 
  • Low pressure hoses
  • Manifolds
  • Joints
  • Flanges
  • Pump units

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