Nowadays there is an availability for internet all over the world. Even at on- or offshore sites the internet can be used. WIS, our Web-based Information System allows you to view and print Certificates and Test reports from an individual equipment item or for packages. The unique build-in search engine allows you to trace items or packages in various ways. 

To access the web-based database you simply have to press the ‘WIS’ button at the Runwell website.

The advantages of this system 

  • Never using hardcopies on site again
  • Available all over the world
  • Accuracy of the data is secured
  • Maintenance and testing frequencies can be easily checked 

Backup-procedure and continuity 

The continuity of the WIS is guaranteed and covered by:

  • The usage of open source software
  • Automated backup procedures (servers hosted by Runwell)
  • All necessary access passwords and codes are available for Runwell

DSK – Digital Sensor Kit

Runwell offers its customers the possibility of using their own testing facilities in cooperation with the Web-based Inspection System. The special designed ‘Digital Sensor Kit’ contains the following items: 

  • Digital high pressure sensor – transmitter  
  • USB interface
  • WIS Software 

How does the DSK work?

Runwell’s engineers will install the digital sensor, interface and software on the pressure testing system of its customer. The customer will be able to perform its own tests. After this procedure the customized certificates and testing documents are stored at the WIS platform by Runwell. Using the customized entering codes the customer will be able to use the system as described (WIS). 

Customers using the Runwell WIS improve safety, optimize equipment utilization, and minimize total costs on equipment. 

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